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Looking for an end-of-the year team building experience?

We all work to improve the experience of the people we care about.Create defining moments for your team by adding elevation, insight, pride, and connection through online escape games.

An online escape game is for your team if...

You want to offer them a bonding experience.

You want to inspire more and better communication.

You want to spark self-reflection.

We help your team:

  1. Experience a game that will rise above the routine.

  2. Spark realizations and transformations. By giving them choices, your team will be in a position to discover things for themselves.

  3. Recognize each other’s strengths and progress together through different milestones.

  4. Create shared meaning by collaborating with others.

  5. Be immersed and engaged in the first 5 minutes of the experience.

  6. Leverage their competitive spirit to maximize the fun.

  7. Reflect and debrief valuable lessons at the end.

Chose your adventure

Your team will engage in an exciting puzzle-filled, virtual environment and encounter a variety of situations that will challenge how they think, analyze, communicate and solve problems.

Escape the Tomb

With real world 360 images inside the pyramids of Egypt, this game puts the players on an archaeological expedition in the Valley of Kings, where they'll need to unlock the chamber and escape the tomb!

Escape the Jungle

A jungle-based theme where participants are suddenly teleported to a mysterious island and need to solve the critical puzzles to escape.

Saving Christmas

A Holiday-themed game where the celebration of Christmas is at risk and the teams need to solve the mystery that will unlock the holiday spirit again.

What's Included

  • Session led by one of TeamlogiQ’s facilitators

  • Delivered 100% online and synchronous

  • Ability to manage multiple teams in breakout rooms

  • Up to 800 participants

  • Duration: 60 to 75 minutes


After completing the payment, you'll be able to pick the date and time for your game, as well as the Adventure of your choice.
Questions? Let's chat!

Up to 20 players


More than 20 players

$299 for first 20 players +
$10/per additional player

Meet the team

Hugo Díaz is a lifelong learner and a serial entrepreneur.
Stefy Bolaños is a Learning Experience Designer.
We believe that every human should have access to transformative experiences in multiple stages of their life, if they’re willing to accept the challenge. This is why we've created these online escape games: to provide opportunities to learn through play, collaboration, and inquiry.

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